Accept Mobile Payments

Mobile phones are changing the way consumers make payments. Consumers have become accustomed to relying on their smartphones to manage every aspect of their lives, including their financial practices, such as banking, budgeting and shopping. Recent data shows that 42% of smartphone users currently use a mobile payment service - up from 22% in 2016.

The continuing use of digital wallets such as Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and Samsung Pay® has driven the increase in mobile payments, largely because of the ease and convenience they deliver at the point of sale (POS). If you are an independent software vendor (ISV), and your software is not yet accepting mobile payments, you’re missing out on sales to consumers who prefer to use their mobile devices to make payments. Read our whitepaper to learn the benefits this growing payment trend can have for your business and your merchants, and contact us today to learn more.

Accept Mobile Payments Whitepaper