Value-Driven Solutions

Thinking bigger than connecting software to payments. Strategically focused on growing your business and adding value to your solution. Taking software vendors from simply processing transactions to enabling commerce through customer engagement.

“We felt it was not a good option to take the easy way out and go with a simple solution and forget about it. For us, IT really did need to be part of the strategy as we were building out our product. Global Payments Integrated provides so many more benefits, the additional revenue stream is huge. We totally underestimated how impactful this solution would be for our business. We discovered you can make more on your payment processing revenue than you do on your software fees. The additional embedded revenue stream is huge in terms of growing our business.”

Sean McCormick
CEO, SingleOps

Tailored for any Environment

No matter how your software is deployed, we offer an API tailored to your customers’ needs. Empowering your customers with tools to help them get paid, grow their business and operate more efficiently.

Robust & Flexible APIs

APIs that are easy and fast to integrate, regardless of your integration method. Reduces speed-to-market and eases development cycles for developers. Ask us about our ability to do the development for you.

Monetizing Payments

Control and enhance the transactions your systems already touch today, embed commerce, and start a new revenue stream for your business.

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