Wrapping Value Around Payments

Take the friction out of the payment experience. Provide tools and services to drive engagement, drive commerce, & improve the experience. Our technology modernizes the way people pay and get paid.

“Overall, Customer Engagement Suite a great tool that provides very beneficial information to our businesses that indicates growth, improvement and overall cost reduction. I give it 5 stars!”

Angela See

Admin Assistant, Gastrointestinal Associates of NE TN

Customer Engagement Suite

A full offering of customer-centric solutions designed to power a seamless, consistent experience across all channels of communication. These API-driven tools give businesses the opportunity to make decisions about their customers; while giving the opportunity for customers to pay at every touch point of the journey results in reduced friction, increased consumer spend and loyal customers. Driving higher adoption, margin, and client satisfaction for your payments strategy.

Customer Analytics

Business have little time to conduct marketing research, much less understand, act on it, and improve the experience. Our proprietary easy-to-use tool delivers metrics based on their customers at their business- as well as in other markets.

Cross-Chain Performance

How multiple locations are performing comparatively in their respective markets

Competitive Insight

How are their major competitors performing?

Social Reputation

Real-time feedback on your customers’ online reputations:

Social Media Reputation

how your customers are rated by those buying from them

Online Reputation Management

respond directly from within the resource, immediately improving online reputation

Competition Reputation

your customers can quickly view competitive ratings leading to more effective marketing messaging

Empower Businesses to Drive Commerce

Help businesses drive more customers in the door. Provide more opportunities for businesses to get paid. Give businesses technology-driven tools to more effectively run their operations.

Provide businesses the process improvements that deliver efficiency and value to enhance the customer experience. Communication increases retention. Allow customers to pay at every interaction point.

Dynamic Communication Tools

Customers today demand various communication channels through Text, Phone, Email, & Social Media. Centralizing & enabling commerce through these channels; drives revenue, streamlines processes, and improves client satisfaction. Learn more about our tools to provide your payment strategy uncompromised communication capabilities through:

  • Consumer Callpop Technologies - Balance Owed, Personal Information, Smart-Caller ID, and more… (without replacing phone systems) 
  • 2-way texting and appointment Reminders
  • Auto-Reply for missed calls
  • Review Software - proactive tools to build online reputation and improve SEO
  • Call-Analytics
  • Surveys and Reviews
  • Reputation Management

Helping Businesses Get Paid

Frictionless payment solutions allow businesses to collect payment faster, optimize efficiency, reduce cost, and create more growth opportunities.

  • Customer Statements delivered via Text/Email
  • Local Inventory Ads by Google
  • Apple-Real Time Discount
  • Gift & Loyalty Card
  • 140 Alternative Payment Methods
  • Recurring Billing
  • Decline Minimizer – the Global Payments Integrated automatic card updating service
  • Mobile/NFC Payments including Apple Pay and Google Pay

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Our valued software partners understand that improving the customer journey ultimately results in increased margin for them. We enable our software partners to: Drive profitability with additional revenue share opportunities, Provide a consistent experience for merchants and their customers, Leverage data across their ecosystem

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