Providing Robust Payment Functionality to Locally Installed Apps

Learn how Global Payments Integrated's deployed/locally-installed applications can provide easy API integration and flexible payment options.

“We consider the quality of the company and the people we worked with a big deal. It was an absolute godsend when we found Global Payments Integrated - it really was.”

Trent Taylor

VP of Software Development, MicroFour, Inc.

World-Class Payments Locally-Installed

Are your end-users accessing your software through a local .NET, Legacy VB6, or Mac Application and require feature-rich payment functionality, including EMV®, encryption, tokenization and ACH? If your answer is “yes,” we need to talk.

Based on our platform architecture, your locally-installed application can easily integrate our API, delivering value-added services while providing maximum PCI-scope reduction for your application as well as its end-users.

Flexibility & Security

Integrations for locally-installed applications securely support current card-based technologies such as EMV (chip cards) and mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay while providing industry-standard anti-fraud features such as encryption and tokenization.


Customized Device Functions

Adding even more flexibility, Global Payments Integrated offers developers the option of utilizing our supported PIN pad devices for non-financial transactions such as signature capture, customer surveys, disclosures, and confirmations. Another way Global Payments Integrated offers benefits beyond payments.


Omni-Channel Support

Global Payments Integrated has an integration to support your locally-installed application, regardless of how your end-users choose to pay. Whether your customer processing environment includes card-present, card-not-present, eCommerce, mobile payments, or requires eInvoicing scenarios, we have an integration that fits.


Solutions for How Customers Want to Pay

Customers are all different and that applies to their payment preferences as well. Global Payments Integrated solutions support credit, debit, ACH and healthcare cards such as FSA. Also supported is Automatic Card-on-File Updating, saving your merchants valuable time and resources.


Offering More than Just a Great Payment API

Our goal is to provide solutions that not only deliver significant value to your business, but also add benefits that transcend payments. A few examples include:

    Decline Minimizer:

Managing recurring payments - and the required updates - is made much easier with Decline Minimizer, our proprietary solution that proactively retrieves card update information from major card brands and makes it available to your customers. This greatly reduces declined transactions while saving time and money associated with card-on-file transactions.   

    Customer Engagement:

Customers need analytics and data to make smarter decisions about their business as well as tools and automation to enhance communications. We empower software developers to provide all these services to their customers through a single platform and provider.

An API That Couldn’t Be Easier

Within hours, most developers are able to connect, send and receive messages to and from our API. It really is that easy and fast.

  • green icon of a signRoute Request
  • green icon of computer chip Process Request
  • green icon of folderCapture Results
  • green icon of confirmation receipt Send Confirmation

Route API Request

Your application sends all non-sensitive parameters to the Global Payments Integrated API.

Processing the Request

The Global Payments Integrated API communicates with the PIN pad device to prompt for card insertion, tap, swipe or manual entry, before collecting encrypted card data and performing an authorization request through the Global Payments Integrated Platform.

Capture Results

The Global Payments Integrated API will respond back with non-sensitive payment results such as the bank approval code, last 4 card digits and an encrypted token that can be used for subsequent payments

Print Receipt or Send eConfirmation

Our solution provides your application the flexibility of displaying or sending payment confirmation to the customer.

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