Security Is at the Core of Our Services

We take pride in removing & encrypting any and all sensitive data from your software & your customers’ environment. Learn how our solution can provide easy API integration and flexible payment options.

“We chose to partner with Global Payments Integrated because they took on the burden of handling the EMV® certification and security, including E2E encryption and tokenization, saving us months of internal work. We want to develop our software and leave the processing and devices to our processing partner - Global Payments Integrated.“

Michele Salerno

Director of Marketing, Celerant

Working Together with Our Partners to Maximize Security

Your job is to develop business management software – ours is to make sure you have a secure reliable payments option to offer your customers. Together, we ensure the security features you offer as part of your solution are ideally suited for your customers’ processing environments.

Global Payments Integrated’s advanced security services bundle intended to protect credit card data, prevent counterfeit fraud, and enhance payments security. Through a unique collection of complementary security solutions, EdgeShield delivers one of the industry’s most secure payments platforms while enabling developers and merchants for EMV. When integrated into systems that accept payments, the bundle protects credit card data while at rest and in transit.

End-to-End Encryption  

Global Payments Integrated’s proprietary encryption is designed to render cardholder data unreadable, encrypted at the device. Merchants are unable to view card numbers after the swipe or hand-key.


Token Vault/Tokenization

Cardholder data is replaced by digital “tokens” based on this technology. Sensitive data is stored in the secure Global Payments Integrated vault rather than in the merchant environment.


EMV technology protects card issuers, merchants and consumers from losses due to the use of counterfeit and stolen payment cards at the point-of-sale. EMV (“smart cards”) are embedded with a chip that interacts with a merchant’s point-of-sale device, ensuring the card is authentic and belongs to the user. 


Out of PA-DSS Scope

Payment applications are rendered out-of-scope with EdgeShield, eliminating cumbersome PCI validation requirements.


Breach Reimbursement for Developers

Global Payments Integrated will cover up to $150,000 in legal costs associated with a developer’s defense against a customer in the unlikely case of a card data breach while using EdgeShield.



For developers who wish to pursue QIR certification, Global Payments Integrated offers QIR ASSIST, a support program to get your staff certified and ensure you have access to payments security best practices.



PCI ASSURE® for Merchants

EdgeShield includes the PCI ASSURE program to help your customers understand and simplify PCI compliance with online access to self-assessment questionnaires, network scans, a breach reimbursement program, and custom security profiles generated from the business’ processing activity. PCI ASSURE delivers a simplified path to compliance, eliminating required vulnerability scans and reducing the required SAQ questions to 24. We understand PCI complexity, so you don’t have to.


Hosted Payment Form (through EdgeExpress)

Our platform-agnostic, EMV-ready Hosted Payment Form, provided through the EdgeExpress Card-Not-Present API, delivers a secure and simple integration for installed or cloud-based software. Global Payments Integrated Hosted Payment Form supports:

  • Merchant-facing software. Both installed and hosted software models
  • Customer-facing web payments. Customer portals, retail eCommerce, online food ordering
  • Mobile. Mobile support for swiped end-to-end encryption and hand-keyed transactions

Platform Security Features

At the core of our Platform is the belief that thieves can’t steal what isn’t there. So we remove sensitive card data from the merchant’s environment altogether, instead storing it within our secure servers.

  • EMV®
  • EdgeShield® Security Features for Merchants
  • Decline Minimizer
  • Fraud and Risk Monitoring Tools
  • Secure Processing Devices

Global Payments Integrated Validations

Industry validations do more than simply provide a payment processor’s credentials – they reflect a degree of industry expertise not easily achieved. Global Payments Integrated’s certifications prove to our customers we have the expertise they should demand from a processor they trust.

  • SIGIS and IIAS
  • PCI-DSS validated Level 1 Third Party Service Provider
  • HIPAA Compliant

PCI Compliance Assistance for Merchants

Although nothing to be afraid of, the complexities surrounding PCI compliance can be confusing for many merchants. In response, Global Payments Integrated developed a comprehensive system of support to assist our partners as well as their merchant customers with resources to help them understand and meet their PCI requirements with a minimum of hassle and confusion.

In-House Compliance Team

We have staff who make PCI compliance their job every day. They understand it. They know how to help our customers understand it. And they’re always ready to help.

PCI ASSURE® for Merchants

Global Payments Integrated’s proprietary, feature-rich program to provide merchants the assistance they need with PCI compliance includes:

  • 24/7 access to the PCI ASSURE Merchant Portal for online help
  • Quarterly IP Network Vulnerability Scans to find problems before they lead to security issues
  • Security Policy Builder creates a set of custom security policies based on the way you process payment cards
  • Toll Free Customer Support offering live assistance every step of the way
  • Security Breach Reimbursement Program covers a merchant for up to $100,000 ($0 deductible) to pay for audits, fines or other expenses associated with a processing breach

Consultative Compliance Support

We make it our business to understand the regulatory requirements associated with compliance, so you don’t have to, getting you back to what you do best – develop software. Need help understanding the Security Assessment Questionnaire D? We’re a certified SAQ D Service Provider. Need an opinion on a security issue? We’re happy to provide help as a Qualified Security Assessor. Regardless of your security needs, you now have a qualified partner on your team.

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