Integrations for eCommerce Applications

Your software allows for online payment processing, but you need a solution that provides the maximum PCI scope reduction while maintaining your proprietary site or web application look and feel. Our online payment gateway has you covered.

“One of the key considerations in our choosing Global Payments Integrated is customer service and their relationship with Global Payments. We wanted a partnership with a provider who would work directly with our clients without having to deal with a third-party gateway solution.”

Stacy Root

Director of Development, High Touch

Resolving Concerns about Online Payment Security

Do you allow for online payment processing today but seek a solution that provides the maximum PCI scope reduction while maintaining your proprietary site or web application look and feel? We’ve got you covered - the Global Payments Integrated iFrame solution can be as customized as much as you desire.


Solutions for How Customers Want to Pay

Offering total flexibility, Global Payments Integrated eCommerce solutions support credit, ACH and healthcare cards such as FSA. The platform also supports time- and money-saving features such as Tokenization (card on file) and Automatic Card-on-File Updating.


Highly Customizable iFrame

Integrators have the option to brand and deeply customize the Global Payments Integrated iframe through the integration, allowing for a fully-transparent look and feel for the end user.


Protected by EdgeShield®

All eCommerce solutions are protected under the security of EdgeShield, our proprietary bundle of EMV®-ready security solutions. EdgeShield ensures maximum PCI scope reduction for your software while providing significant PCI compliance benefits for your customers and their end-users.


Fraud Reduction

AVS and CVV verification are supported. Integrators have the additional flexibility to deny a transaction due to a validation mismatch.



Providing additional payment flexibility, our API can be utilized to accommodate your eInvoicing payment scenarios. Add online booking, appointment scheduling, booking confirmation and online check-in, online Bill Pay, online Google/Facebook,Yelp review solutions, Surveys, Facebook booking...


Eliminate the Hassle of Lost, Stolen, and Expired Card Data

Available within eCommerce integrations is a resource with the power to save your customers significant time and money:

    Decline Minimizer:

Our proprietary Decline Minimizer solution proactively retrieves card update information from major card brands and makes it available to your customers, greatly reducing declines while saving time and money related to card-on-file transactions.

    Customer Engagement:

Customers need analytics and data to make smarter decisions about their business as well as tools and automation to enhance communications. We empower software developers to provide all these services to their customers through a single platform and provider.

Fast and Easy API

Most developers are able to connect, send and receive messages to and from our API in hours.

  • green icon of a signRoute Request
  • green icon of computer chip iFrame Returned
  • green icon of folderCapture Results
  • green icon of confirmation receipt Send Confirmation

Route API Request

Your application sends all non-sensitive parameters to the Global Payments Integrated API.

iFrame Returned

Global Payments Integrated will return a secure payment iFrame URL; the integrator is able to embed this page into their own application.

Capture Results

Our API will signal completion of the transaction and provide you with non-sensitive payment results such as the bank approval code, last 4 card digits and an encrypted token that can be used for subsequent ecommerce payment processing.

Print Receipt or Send eConfirmation

The solution provides your application the flexibility of either displaying the transaction receipt or sending payment confirmation to the customer.

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