Built for Payment Technology Partnerships

Global Payments Integrated is an organization purpose-built to support our strategic partners and the merchants they service. Instead of forcing partners into dated channel programs, we focus on what matters most within those models to deliver the most optimal solution: Economics, Frictionless Experiences, Product Stability, Product Differentiation, Adoption, Scalability, & Customer Satisfaction. We align our goals & milestones with our partners, we educate and train our partners on this ever-evolving ecosystem, and we invest in our partners.

Increase the Value of Your Software While Adding Revenue to Your Business

There is a distinct value to your business in adding an embedded commerce payments solution beyond the benefits it offers your merchants. Lucrative revenue opportunities allow you to monetize the payments volume that flows through your systems, adding a predictable & forecastable revenue stream on your P&L and an improved valuation for your company.
More Than Simply Revenue – We Complement What You Already Do So Well
Your expertise lies in business management software and likely not in payments. Global Payments Integrated provides a flexible partnership model without distractions that complements our partners through superior features, security, white label capabilities, & support without the hassle or complexity of managing regulatory headaches yourself. Even better – you can still own the customer and the payment processing experience.

Our Partnerships are Built on Our History and Our Philosophy

Global Payments Integrated was formed after TSYS and OpenEdge combined in 2019. Both companies were pioneers in the concept of embedded commerce utilizing a payments platform. Among other benefits, the relationship with Global Payments provided international growth opportunities within their existing worldwide processing footprint.


Now Global Payments Integrated enjoys partnerships with hundreds of MarketPlaces and ISVs, enterprise application developers, eCommerce companies, franchises and businesses offering co-branded/white-labeled solutions.

Ready to Go Global? So Are We

Our relationship with Global Payments and our single platform, single API integration make Global Payments Integrated the perfect partner to take your business global. Global Payments Integrated can help take your solution international - easier and faster than you might think.

Alignment, Understanding & A True Strategy Leads to a Better Outcome

Building a payments strategy isn’t easy. Many fail because they build the solution as a feature, and they fail to deploy a real strategy. We help our partners understand their customer; understand the complex ecosystem; set realistic goals & milestones; invest in building the right product; incorporate the proper behaviors; resource our partners with experts in sales, marketing, and development; and help them deliver their solution with payments. No one-size-fits-all approach comes into play. Our support doesn’t come from a manual or a checklist. Our partner strategy is tailored through ongoing engagement and communication – in part through initiatives like our weekly meetings, monthly face-to-face meetings, annual partner meetings, local user conferences and trade events. We design our support and services to fit your business needs, not the other way around.

Provide a faster, simplified customer experience with payment facilitation

Our ProPay® payment facilitation program merges payments functions with your software capabilities. Feature-rich options bundle secure payments with point of sale, providing a simplified merchant boarding process and enhanced customer experience.

  • As the registered payment facilitator, we can process and direct payments
  • Establish new merchant accounts in minutes
  • Easily pay commissions to third parties
  • Allows flexibility in setting fees, easily splitting funds and more
  • Grow your business with our revenue sharing program
Wondering if We’re Here for the Long Term? 
Some of our Numbers Tell an Interesting Story 

Our relationship with Global Payments and our single platform, single API integration platform make Global Payments Integrated the perfect partner to take your business global. With over 4,000 technology partner relationships – each one built on trust – we’ve picked up some valuable perspective on a number of key markets for integrated payments. And we’re a Global Payments Company, enjoying the support of one of the largest payment technology companies in the world.

“When we considered becoming a payments facilitator, we determined we were able to get to market a lot faster with Global Payments Integrated. We also reduced our underwriting risk. We can better leverage our assets elsewhere versus spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a money transmitter license, developing a new team specific to payments and handling all this on our own.”

Jenae Wiegert

Product Strategy, ChiroTouch

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