Flexible Payments Functionality

While you focus on developing best-in-class business management software, we will continue to securely embed commerce solutions that add significant value to your product, enhance the way customers want to pay, & solve for the way businesses want to get paid. Integrated. Seamless. Powerful.
Secure, Reliable Processing – Regardless of How Customers Want to Pay
Today’s consumers have many options in terms of how they pay for goods and services. How many are available to your customers integrated within your software? Regardless of how, when or where customers prefer to pay, Global Payments Integrated provides the functionality to support it.

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Card Payment Methods

We support 150+ payment methods, including the most leading card payment platforms and transaction types currently utilized throughout the world.




Global Payments Integrated offers a high-performance check processing solution, providing a lower-cost processing option for your customers accepting paper or electronic checks.



Gift Cards

Your customers can order custom-designed, personalized gift cards that not only promote their business, but provide another way for their customers to pay. Gift cards allow loyal customers to introduce your customer’s business to their friends and family.


Pay from Mobile App, Phone, Watch

Capitalizing on the explosive growth of mobile payments, Global Payments Integrated provides the same secure, full-featured payments functionality to support processing in-store, online or on the road.


Robust Processing Features
The Global Payments Integrated Platform is far from a “basic” solution. Innovative development is in our DNA and it shows in some of the unique and advanced features of our payment processing suite of services.
Recurring Payments
Many industries, such as health clubs, self-storage facilities and subscription services rely on processing a fixed amount on a routine basis, a feature supported by Global Payments Integrated. Also supported is card-on-file payments which, along with recurring payments, is also available for check transactions.
Decline Minimizer
Our totally automated system of updating expired or outdated card information saves your merchants the time, effort and expense of tracking down the information manually.
Customer Engagement Suite

Take the friction out of payments by providing businesses tools and services to engage your clients with a purpose...

Deliver analytics to help your clients make smarter decisions like the effectiveness of their latest marketing campaign, or helping them determine if they should open up a new location. Enhance the way your clients communicate with their customers through text by responding to questions, scheduling appointments, and capturing more payments.



What about missed calls? Use text to turn missed calls into revenue. Make the telephone smart and personalize the customer experience with a smart caller ID that tells the business everything they need to know about customers before calls are answered. Drive customers through the door by streamlining the experience with online booking and mobile check-in. Help businesses compete by managing their reputation through social media, and how they stack against their local competition.


OpenEdge View

OpenEdge View is our proprietary and comprehensive transaction management and reporting tool for merchants. Just a few of the features provided through OpenEdge View:


  • Online Reporting – delivers transaction reporting data for single- and multiple-location businesses

  • Virtual Terminal – an online resource for processing transactions in real-time from any internet-connected device

  • Transaction & Batch Management Controls – allow for quick-search capability based on several variables
Additional Platform Benefits
We’ve learned a few things after working with hundreds of thousands of clients, including which features of a payment processing solution deliver the benefits they desire. Some of these additional features include:

Rapid Activation

Businesses can be up and processing transactions within hours instead of days

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Address Verification

Validates the cardholder’s address information against a current database, adding an additional layer of security



Next Day Funding Credit Card & ACH

Provides merchants their funds faster for these payment types


Signature Capture

Electronic signature capture and storage including offline signature capture capability


Customized Device Functions

Provides complete flexibility to set the payment device environment up in virtually any manner desired


Tips, Adjustments & Partial Authorization

These features provide valuable benefits to your customers while adding additional value to your software


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Streamlined Onboarding

Establish new accounts faster and eliminate paperwork. Businesses can onboard immediately upon completion of the short-form merchant application



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Flexible Funding

The option to set disbursements to automatically deliver from each day’s card activity or use APIs for more control and flexibility over the funding process



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Split-Payments Feature

Using our split-payments feature, software and SaaS providers can collect fees due at the time of transaction. Our disbursement capabilities also make it easy to pay commissions to third parties


Omnichannel Support

To us, a full-featured payment processing solution is only as good as the flexibility it provides. That’s why we designed ours to allow your merchants to easily adapt secure, reliable processing to whatever business environment they choose to operate in, including:



Point of Sale (PoS)

Offering unparalleled security, including EMV® support and other EdgeShield® benefits to card-present processing environment


Safe, secure processing even when no one is there – designed for businesses such as car washes, kiosks and parking facilities

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Allows for payment processing via a phone-based automated response system at the merchant location


Multi-Merchant Support

Whether they comprise one location or hundreds, Global Payments Integrated can support merchants with customized transaction management and reporting



Global Payments Integrated supports businesses throughout North America and several other international markets, including Canada, Australia and the UK with more to come


Customer Statements

Partners can leverage our API to deliver electronic statements & reminders to customers via text and/or email with the ability to pay online

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Offline Processing Protection

Providing a crucial layer of additional protection, the Global Payments Integrated platform offers the capability of managing offline scenarios when Internet connectivity is not operational, allowing for processing to continue

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