OpenEdge and the Integrated Channel of TSYS Combine to Form
Global Payments Integrated

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In September 2019 Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN), a leading worldwide provider of payments technology and software solutions, announced that it completed its merger with TSYS, forming the premier pure play payments technology company with extensive scale and unmatched global reach. Click here to learn more.

Under the Global Payments brand, the Integrated channel that operates under OpenEdge has been combined with the integrated channel of TSYS resulting in the formation of one of the industry’s most established and innovative providers of payment products and services. This dynamic new company has been rebranded as Global Payments Integrated.

The following FAQs provide additional background related to the rebrand.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rebrand Initiative

 What Happened Related to Global Payments, OpenEdge and TSYS?

Formerly you were provided payment processing services through your business management software provider by either OpenEdge or Total System Services Inc. (TSYS). Global Payments completed their merger with TSYS in September of 2019. The Integrated channel of TSYS was strategically merged with OpenEdge, Global Payments’ integrated payments division during Q4, 2019, resulting in the rebrand to Global Payments Integrated as of January 2020.

 Why “Global Payments Integrated?”

Among others, these were the primary factors driving the rebrand initiative:

  • CONSISTENCY – This rebranding initiative allows Global Payments to align their integrated business unit’s look, feel and corporate identity to corporate branding standards.
  • CLARITY – The new name and graphic identity clearly and succinctly communicate exactly who we are and what we do.
  • STRONGER ASSOCIATION WITH GLOBAL PAYMENTS – The revised branding makes better use of the market reach, strength and experience of Global Payments, a leading worldwide provider of payments technology and software solutions.

Existing Relationships and Resources

 Will My Contact(s) at OpenEdge/TSYS Change Based on This Rebrand?

Please refer to your most current merchant statement which will contain the contact information for our customer support team.

 Will Our Existing Agreements Still Apply?

Yes, all existing OpenEdge/TSYS agreements and contracts will remain valid.

 Do You Have a New Logo?

Yes. There is a logo specifically for Global Payments Integrated. You will start seeing the new logo over the coming months on your merchant statements, client facing portals, email messaging, etc.

 Any Changes to Sales or Support Contact Emails or Phone Numbers?

Please refer to your most current merchant statement which will contain the contact information for our customer support team.

 Will There Be Any Platform or Product Changes Based on This Rebrand?

No platform or product changes are planned based on the rebrand. However, as the integrated channel of TSYS and OpenEdge continue their merger, we expect to leverage the best product sets from each organization and bring those solutions to our partners and their merchants regardless of which platforms they utilize today. As those solutions become available we will provide you with the details.

 Does This Rebrand Have Any Impact on My Business Management Software Provider?

Your business management software provider – our Partner – has been notified of this change and we will be working with all our individual Partners in terms of a plan to update their specific materials to reflect the rebrand.

Moving Forward with Global Payments Integrated

 What Happens Next?

As we continue the integration of TSYS and OpenEdge under the Global Payments Integrated brand you will be notified of any changes that will impact you in any way.

 What if I Have Additional Questions About This?

If you have any questions, please contact your merchant support helpdesk phone number and they will be able to assist you.