Healthcare Payment Processing Case Study

The Client is a leader in the healthcare industry who was looking for a single entity to interface with for integrated payments. In the past, their vendors required an inordinate amount of reconfiguration and setup for each unique account. The Client was looking to streamline this process by partnering with an organization that could deliver a seamless and simple configuration for additional clients. Additionally, the Client was hoping to partner with an organization that could offer good rates and a financial incentive.

Partnering with Global Payments Integrated made the implementation process light-years easier by offering a single API key to integrate with the existing software. The Global Payments Integrated team managed the bulk of the heavy lifting in getting new accounts set up and we were there to troubleshoot any issues. The Client reports that doctors are happy with the capabilities and that 95% choose to remain with Global Payments Integrated for the long-haul. Global Payments Integrated was also able to meet existing rates - or beat them - creating a new  revenue stream for the Client.

Global Payments Integrated healthcare payments processing case study