The Strawhecker Group
ISV Mindset Study

Elegant, integrated software is a driving characteristic of the payments industry. It’s clear that a layer of technology powers the business operations of merchants. The model going forward is technology-enabled, software-led distribution that provides integrated payments with more flexibility and less friction. As this trend exponentiates throughout the market, ISVs, or integrated software vendors, are left to determine the best path forward, without much guidance, knowledge, or preparation.

Due to this, it is more important than ever, for payment providers/acquirers to understand the mindset and viewpoints of these ISVs in order to successfully integrate payment technology and experiences into their platforms. Because of this, The Strawhecker Group conducted a review and investigative case study to understand the ISV mindset when selecting an integrated payment provider in order to take a look at the important factors at play during the decision making process. Click below to download the full study.

ISV Mindset Case Study