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It's much more than a marketing term. It's what sets Global Payments Integrated apart.

Building a Foundation of Trust Through Engagement and Support

As the integrated division of Global Payments, we know a few things about providing secure and reliable payment processing solutions. But it’s the way we support those solutions and our clients that makes us different.

At Global Payments Integrated, CLIENTSF1RST is a mindset across the entire organization – doing what is best for our clients becomes our guiding principle in every decision. CLIENTSF1RST is built on a foundation of support, outreach, consultation, compassion and understanding.

What We Do
We enhance the value of our relationship through engagement, communication, and a constant focus on the best interests of our clients.

Why We Do It
CLIENTSF1RST is a differentiator. It isn't easy and maybe that's why it's exclusive to us. We feel it's simply the right way to do business.

The Value It Delivers
Your client experience will be significantly enhanced — you'll feel it when you need support, have a question or desire to provide input. You should expect us to be an important business partner that helps drive the success of your business — much more than just a payments processor.

So, What Should I Expect with CLIENTSF1RST?

Alignment icon    Alignment

An organization that wants feedback from software partners and merchants on product needs, so we build the tools you truly need.

Icon of two people shaking hands    Partnership

A company that wants to engage with you – to hear about and learn from your successes and your frustrations so that we can intercede and drive positive change.

Icon of three people    Cooperation

A team who wants to learn about your goals as a business so we can provide guidance and consultation that drives your success.

Icon of person with headset    Support

A support structure that truly listens to your feedback, connects with you individually, owns the issue and drives positive outcomes.

Icon of trophy    Focus on Success

Our DNA across the board is such that we create value for our clients, we deliver that consistently and we are proactive as often as we can be (but reactive when we need to be) – all in the hopes of making you more successful.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Their Support Experiences with Global Payments Integrated

"We get white glove treatment from Global Payments Integrated — they put clients first. They are more than just a payment provider. They take the extra time and effort to help us and our customers succeed."


"We appreciate the level of attentiveness we receive. So far, we feel it has been a good relationship with a stable provider who is invested in fine-tuning our solutions together."


"Global Payments Integrated has been a wonderful addition to our practice. They made the transition easy for us and we were up and running immediately. On a few occasions I have had to call Customer Support for transaction assistance, and their Customer Support team has gone above and beyond on each call!"


"We are truly honored to work with and support a wide variety of business owners and software partners here at Global Payments Integrated. Our mission is to deliver something different on your behalf - a variety of products connected to getting you paid that are based in value, backed by amazing service and that literally help your business to be more successful because you work with us. My expectation is that you'll find a team at Global Payments Integrated that is willing to listen, works hard on your behalf and is truly invested in your success. Our approach is focused on you - as a person and as a business - so please engage with us to better understand your business, enabling us to partner with you in bold and perhaps unexpected ways. I'll admit we are not perfect in everything we do - but we chase excellence in all we do. Much continued success to you!"

— Chris Watkins, Vice President, Client Success and Experience

For more information, please contact me directly at [email protected]