Implications of Healthcare Requirements for Developers

The last several years have seen landmark shifts in the healthcare industry, changing how practices deliver care and conduct business. Developers of software solutions for the healthcare field are responding to these changes. Here are a few examples of initiatives affecting practices and those providing them technology solutions…  

EHR Incentives

The Electronic Health Records Incentive Programs encourage eligible professionals to adopt, implement, upgrade and demonstrate meaningful use of certified EHR technology. For developers of EHR, EMR and practice management solutions, these federal programs represent an unprecedented opportunity to offer technology solutions to a growing market. Practices which, before, could get by with antiquated systems now require modern, networked IT systems. Better yet, there are federal incentives in place to help practices pay for them. Developers and technology professionals are positioned to deliver new products to practices responding to EHR.


Meaningfull Use



The implementation of ICD-10 coding means significant changes in the practice’s documentation, workflow and technology. Many developers have built ICD-10 into their software, permitting the new coding functionality with related security for sensitive patient data. Some are using this upgrade as an opportunity to implement integrated payments, touting the security of patient data and payments security hand-in-hand.

PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance refers to requirements aimed at protecting cardholder information by preventing security breaches and data theft. The PCI DSS (Data Security Standards) Council sets standards that any merchant who holds, processes, or transmits cardholder information. For practices, this will translate into having practice management solutions that can accept credit cards payments, using encryption and tokenization to protect card data.

Smart developers will stay abreast of opportunities in the healthcare arena, delivering solutions to meet the needs of the medical practice.