ISV Healthcare Trends: 2017 Recap/2018 Predictions

Robert Cortopassi, President, Global Payments Integrated, shares his views on ISV Healthcare Trends with a 2017 Recap and 2018 Predictions for DevPro Journal.  Here is a small preview of what he had to say….

“2017 was the year of patients becoming consumers. In recent years, we’ve witnessed patients being responsible for a greater portion of their medical bills (e.g., premiums, deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance). This has resulted in a more consumer-oriented mindset. Patients, shouldering the bill themselves, recognize they have a choice in health care providers. As with other services, they will gravitate toward the provider delivering the greatest value, either through better service or lower cost. No longer can hospitals and physicians’ offices unilaterally dictate the relationship with the patient; the desires of the payer now carry more weight.”

Cortopassi adds his predictions for 2018…“Selecting one technology trend in the swiftly changing healthcare space is difficult. Technologies from IoT (Internet of Things) to big data analytics to device interoperability to AI (artificial intelligence) are shuffling the deck in a field already impacted by legislative upheaval. For ISVs, it’s best to focus on technologies that can serve the needs of patients with higher expectations for service – payment solutions that provide flexibility, speed, clarity and transparency. Text-to-pay, e-Invoicing, IVR (pay by phone) and mobile solutions are all responses to the new consumer-oriented mindset in healthcare and will remain in demand for the foreseeable future. The benefit is twofold, in that payers will have more convenient payment methods while health systems will experience improved cash flow and happier patients.”

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