Service: It's More Than a Buzzword

It’s easy to talk about the concept of "service." In marketing collateral, on a website, over social media – we all say we’re dedicated to the concept of service.

It’s another thing to live it. Not just on a given day, or during a specific client interaction, but every single working hour of every working day. It’s a concept that our parent company, Global Payments, Inc., is fully committed to. The Global Payments annual Day of Service and its ongoing relationship with the United Way, raising nearly $125,000 last year, are visible signs of their approach toward service to the communities we share. Anyone working for a Global Payments company understands these initiatives are important and are well-reinforced through employee communication.

As proof that Global Payments Integrated didn’t fall far from the "Giving Tree," we have not only endorsed the service mentality of our parent company, we’ve dedicated a portion of our new employee training to it.

Recently, members of a new class of Account Representatives learned firsthand about Global Payment Integrated's view of community service by volunteering to spend a Friday afternoon working at the direction of the local Durham, North Carolina Goodwill headquarters. One team spent the afternoon working to plant crops that will wind up in local North Carolina food banks. Another worked to organize school supplies to be donated to local children who need a little extra help.

It’s simple really. Global Payments Integrated feels that if we demonstrate our commitment to the concept of service by making it part of Day One training, that same commitment will become second-nature when that employee interacts with our clients.

SERVICE. It’s a great buzzword. It’s an even better place to focus your professional conduct. There’s a team of new reps in North Carolina who may not yet understand all our solution benefits, but they DO know how we feel about service.

Global Payments Day of Service

Global Payments Day of Service