New Customer Relationship Management Software from Global Payments Integrated

We're excited to introduce new Global Payments Integrated solutions to help grow your business. More than just payment processing, we now offer additional tools to help streamline workflow, drive business growth, and engage and retain customers. Our new customer relationship management software, CallPop, brought to you by Global Payments Integrated, works with your current software to offer many benefits for your clients. CallPop is the newest addition to our Customer Engagement Suite portfolio of products, which is a full offering of customer-centric solutions designed to power a seamless, consistent experience across all channels of communication.

Benefits for Your Customers

Streamline Business Processes and Improve Team Productivity

Our new phone intelligence software provides front desk employees with detailed information about incoming callers - before the receptionist even picks up the phone. They can see their customers’ appointments, history, insurance details, outstanding balances, and more, all in one place - making their business more efficient because they no longer have to switch between multiple different applications. Our software will tell them if the caller is a current customer, a potential customer, or a vendor, so they can filter out those annoying sales calls that waste the receptionist’s time - and even mark them as “do not answer.”

This new feature also helps improve customer service, as front desk employees can now have a more personal conversation with customers, such as wishing them a happy birthday, or referencing their children’s names and ages.

We also provide analytics on how many phone calls come in every day and every hour, as well as a breakdown by current customers versus potential customers. This feature helps businesses gain a greater understanding of new vs. existing customer interactions, as well as helping them staff appropriately during busy times.

Engage Customers and Enhance the Customer Experience

Due to the rise in robocalls and telemarketing, customers are 50% less likely to answer their phones these days - they’re much more likely to communicate by text message. Our customer relationship management system software provides live, two-way conversational texting right from the desktop. Front desk employees can send new patients a welcome message text with turn-by-turn directions to the office from Google maps, or a short video of a provider introducing themselves to new clients.

What about incoming calls? Did you know that approximately 85% of people whose calls are not answered will not call back? Missed or unanswered calls cost businesses potential new customers and revenue. Our software solves this problem. Receptionists can quick-text a client right from the desktop - for example, if a receptionist sees a customer is calling in but is on another call, the receptionist can text the caller to let them know they’ll call them back shortly. This feature helps improve relationships with customers and helps businesses avoid lost revenue.

Drive Business Growth

Online reviews are an important factor in growing your business, so why not help your customers receive more reviews? 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchase decision. 77% of customers would be willing to leave a review if asked, so how do businesses make that ask in a productive way?

Our new customer relationship management software has features that make it easier to get customers to leave an online review. Businesses can text customers a link directly to Google’s review page or Facebook’s review page for the business, asking them to leave a review. This feature helps the company get seen by more prospects, which helps generate new customers.

Retain Current Customers

Businesses can also use our customer relationship management software to send appointment reminders. This is especially helpful in the healthcare sector, where missed appointments cost the U.S. healthcare system over $150 billion a year. With appointment reminders, no-show rates can drop by as much as 80% - thus increasing revenue.


Our new customer relationship management software can help your clients streamline workflows, grow business, and engage and retain current customers. We supply software providers with all of these features - as well as payment technology - through a single platform and provider. To find out how our new customer relationship management software can help your business and your clients, contact us today.