The ProPay® Payment Facilitation Program

What is a Payment Facilitator?

A payment facilitator is defined by as "a merchant service provider that simplifies the merchant account enrollment process." Payment facilitators operate on a sub-merchant platform where merchants no longer require their own merchant identification number (MID), but are boarded directly under the payment facilitator’s master MID account.

What it Takes to Become a Registered Payment Facilitator

Becoming a payment facilitator requires specialized skills and knowledge to successfully navigate the registration process and execute on delivery of the service. 

To further help you understand what it takes to become a registered payment facilitator, the following is a quick-glance checklist of steps involved:

  • Register with both Visa and Mastercard and pay the requisite fees (annually)
  • Find a payment processor to sponsor you as a payment facilitator and negotiate a processing agreement
  • Document and adopt an underwriting policy and hire people to manage underwriting
  • Establish a risk management policy and employ people to manage risk
  • Build a platform on which you can manage your business and all aspects of payment processing (transaction monitoring, funding, reporting, etc.) or partner with a company that has an existing payment facilitation platform
  • Board sub merchants and begin processing

A Better Alternative: Our ProPay® Payment Facilitation Program

By partnering with Global Payments Integrated and leveraging our ProPay® Payment Facilitation Program, you can provide customized payment solutions tailored to the needs of your software. By offering robust options that bundle payments with point of sale, a simplified boarding process and an enhanced user experience, you can meet customer expectations - all while earning more revenue.

When you partner with Global Payments Integrated, we’ll handle the complexity of payments and help give you a competitive advantage. We can manage everything from risk and compliance to underwriting and regulatory issues. You’re free to focus on providing simplified solutions while choosing the level of desired control over your payments program.

Benefits of Our ProPay® Payment Facilitation Program

More rewards, less risk

Let us handle the details, from processing and directing payments to managing risk. Our programs allow you to have most of the benefits of payment facilitation without taking on the work and burden yourself. We work with you to create customized offers for your business - all under our ProPay® payment facilitation registration.

Easy, streamlined onboarding

Establish new accounts faster and eliminate paperwork. Your customers can onboard immediately upon completion of the short-form merchant application. This lets you compete directly with offers that include instant processing while offering full, feature-rich solutions.

Customer service your way

Choose to take calls from customers yourself or leave it up to Global Payments Integrated. We’re here to help with customer concerns, including chargebacks and settlements.

Generate revenue effortlessly

Our programs include revenue sharing to provide you with an easy way to add revenue from integrating payments into your software.

Simplified billing and reporting

Global Payments Integrated can collect fees and our sponsor bank can direct payments. We’ll also provide detailed as well as summary reports of transactional data that includes debits, credits, chargebacks and transferred funds.

Flexible funding

You can set disbursements to automatically deliver from each day’s card activity or use APIs for more control and flexibility over the funding process. We can adapt to the way you want to do business.

Future-focused options

We also offer the ability to transition to a registered payment facilitator. Should you choose to move in this direction, you can do so without additional development on your integration or impacting your customers.

Value-added service

Using our split-payments feature, software and SaaS providers can collect fees due at the time of transaction. Our disbursement capabilities also make it easy to pay commissions to third parties.

Sales & marketing support

Our team of experts with 30+ years of experience are here to listen, educate, consult, and drive solutions that your customers want and need. Our sales, developer services, integrations and marketing teams were designed to work closely with our partners to build solutions that perfectly fit their customers’ needs.

Benefit of the entire Global Payments Integrated ecosystem

Our program comes with additional Global Payments Integrated features, providing you with a robust solution. Our Customer Engagement Suite helps businesses use customer data and analytics to grow their business. Our Rapid Activation tool digitizes the merchant onboarding process, helping get merchants up and running more quickly.

Valued technology partner

We want to help you grow your business. With the support of our expert teams and the entire Global Payments Integrated ecosystem, you’ll be able to provide best-in-class software solutions to your clients.


The payment needs of software platforms are becoming more complex. To keep up with the ever-changing demands, you need to offer more. More choices. More flexibility. More simplicity. Our ProPay® Payment Facilitation Program allows you to provide customized payment solutions tailored to the needs of your software. Contact us today to learn more about this program and our other solutions - we’ll help you find the one that’s right for you.