eGuides and Whitepapers

Ten Major Benefits of Commerce Enablement for ISVs

A partnership with Global Payments Integrated affords ISVs a simpler approach to embedded commerce. We take a look at ten major ways commerce enablement benefits ISVs.

Top Payments Trends 2021 Deep Dive

Last year was an unprecedented year for industries across the board, and sped up evolution in the payments industry. We take a deep dive into several of the top payments trends of 2021.

Payment Processing Terms You Need to Know

Payment processing has a language all its own. This whitepaper defines some of the most commonly-used terms and acronyms you’ll encounter in the payment industry.

Accept Mobile Payments

The rapid growth in popularity of smartphones and mobile devices means offering mobile payment functionality within your software is a must. Learn about the many benefits it can offer your merchants and their customers.

The ISV’s Guide to Integrated Payments

The term “integrated payments” refers to payment processing systems embedded within a specific software application. Learn about the benefits of offering integrated payment solutions to your clients.

Guide to Credit Card Readers for ISVs

Learn about the different types of credit card readers and terminals, as well as how we can help your merchants choose the credit card reader that best meets their needs.

PCI Compliance Guide

PCI compliance equates to security for both ISVs and merchants. Download our PCI compliance guide to learn about the PCI DSS requirements and how to meet them.

Guide to Digital Wallets

A digital wallet securely stores the owner’s payment information and is used to make mobile payments. ISVs should include the ability to accept a variety of mobile payments within their software solution. Learn more in our eguide.