OpenEdge View

OpenEdge View from Global Payments Integrated is the secure, online reporting resource serving as the central location for Global Payments Integrated's merchants to process and track all types of payments. Featuring easy access to location activity and transaction data from every devices and channel, OpenEdge View offers a rich suite of features and functionality.


Includes important product news and announcements, system updates and more.

Virtual Terminal

Use this online tool to process real-time credit card transactions from any device with internet access.

Transaction & Batch Management Controls

Quickly search for a batch of transactions by date range, account range or zoom to a specific transaction. Easily search by batch number or date range to match specific transactions to a deposit.


Regularly pull transaction reporting for both single and multiple location businesses. Summary and detail reports will track and reconcile credit, debit and check transactions. Customize your reports with configurable fields and take advantage of Decline Minimizer reporting to show daily card update histories. Data may be exported to PDF, Excel, CSV or HTML.

Administrative Controls

Save time with the simple setup and management of users. These flexible controls allow you to structure hierarchy setup, user management, account assignment and more.