"ClientsF1RST" and What It Means at Global Payments Integrated

In our recent blog post we discussed how our Customer Care department adopted a servant mentality in their approach to assisting clients on a daily basis. It’s all about valued service. Every day. Every time. And in everything the team does. According to Jim Hightower, Senior Vice President of Client Services for Global Payments Integrated, “empathy will be at the forefront of all customer service interactions and Global Payments Integrated is committed to continually improving the quality of customer service our clients receive, every time they contact Global Integrated Payments.” So, what does that mean…. exactly?

ClientsF1rst is a visibility campaign for lack of a better term. It’s a visibility campaign in the sense that we have created office visibility reminders in the form of banners and posters reminding our employees of the message daily. It’s a visibility program in the sense that we are executing a comprehensive campaign of live and recorded webinars focused on making our customers (our “clients”) more successful. Global Payments Integrated recently reached out to our entire merchant base via email to notify them of the upcoming webinar series. All webinars will be recorded, and the links provided to our clients so they can review the series of brief, focused webinars on their own time should they desire.

What about the message? What does ClientsF1rst REALLY mean? It’s simple really. Global Payments Integrated doesn’t make ANY decision that doesn’t put our clients’ needs and interests at the forefront. In every customer service interaction. In every sales interaction. In every technical support case. Every time it involves a client, doing what is best for that client’s best interest is our guiding principle.

What does ClientsF1rst NOT mean? It means we are still not going to please every client every time. If a business calls in demanding their rates be cut in half, we are likely not going to satisfy that client. If there is a card association change that confuses clients and thousands call in at once, we’re likely to upset some folks who are on hold longer than they desire. But ClientsF1rst means we approach these situations with patience, compassion, understanding and ALWAYS with the needs and interests of the other end of the call or email first in our minds.

ClientsF1rst. It’s simple. It’s catchy. But it is a whole lot more than a phrase at Global Payments Integrated. It’s the way we approach our jobs. During every interaction. Every day.