A True Partnership in Every Sense

Editor's Note: This blog entry was originally published on June 27, 2018, and was updated on March 2, 2023.

One of the many things that sets Global Payments Integrated apart from other payment processing companies is our individualized approach to each partner, and our commitment to being a strategic partner who wants to help our ISV (independent software vendor) partners grow their business.

This commitment starts with the very first contact an ISV has with Global Payments Integrated and continues throughout the partner relationship, extending into the relationships with an ISV partner’s merchant clients. We know how important our partners’ clients are to them, which is why we treat each and every one of them with our white glove treatment, providing them the best experience possible.

Take a deeper look into the support Global Payments Integrated provides partner ISVs throughout the entire process and relationship.

Business Development

An ISV’s first touchpoint with Global Payments Integrated will likely be with a member of our knowledgeable Business Development team. The Business Development team will work with you to decide which solutions and integration methods are right for your software solution and business goals. They will get to know your company, your clients’ pain points, and your team’s selling strategy in-depth to be able to provide you with the best recommendations and work hand-in-hand with you to plan your unique go-to-market strategy. Their main goals when starting any new partnership are to ensure that they are focused on driving maximum adoption, increasing your revenue, and creating differentiating value for you and your clients.

Partner Resources

Once an ISV chooses to partner with Global Payments Integrated, you will gain access to our wide array of experts. Our sales, developer services, integrations, and marketing teams were all designed to work closely with our partners to build embedded commerce solutions that perfectly fit your customers’ unique needs.

Partner Success Manager

Each ISV partner is assigned a dedicated Partner Success Manager, equipped to guide you through the integration and launch process with your specific business needs in mind. They will work closely with you to create a detailed plan for build, beta, and launch, as well as helping with sales training for both organizations.

Enterprise Sales Team

With 30+ years of experience, this team of professionals works with your larger, more complex customers. This consultative sales team provides onsite & account management services. They will also work closely with your sales & operations team to manage the implementation of the customer.

Marketing Support

From start to finish, our team of marketers understand needs through surveys, industry trends, and thought leadership - ensuring we build the right product, price it appropriately, and market it correctly.  From creative design teams focused on custom videos and collateral to implementation teams executing promotions and lead generation, our team of experts takes on the cost and burden. We support trade shows, user conferences, and webinars, just to name a few.

Developer Services

With more than 30 years of experience in 60+ verticals - a team comprised of a Development Specialist, Solution Engineers, Project Managers, Design Engineers, & Product Specialists are here to help with all of your development needs. They will provide expertise to reduce time to market and assist with quality assurance during the development phase. They will also perform an integration review and complete certification once your integration is complete. Our team is here to handle the heavy lifting and make everything as easy as possible for you and your development team.

Strategic Partner Management

We provide a dedicated resource to you who proactively establishes marketing plans, product enhancements, training programs, and business plans. The Strategic Partner Manager aligns the partnership on goals and milestones; focuses on driving leads, improving close ratios, and maximizing margin; monitors customer retention; and builds escalation paths for partner satisfaction.

Inside Sales Team

Our Inside Sales Team is a tenured, vertically fluent, sales and account management team for your customers. Professionally trained to understand, articulate, and emphasize the value of the integrated payment functions, they work closely with your sales personnel and our mutual customers to ensure software-enabled payments can be accepted flawlessly, maximizing margin and growth.

Outbound Sales Team

Our Outbound Sales Team is a tactfully deployed sales team that harvests opportunities from your existing customer base. Leveraging promotions and product enhancements, this team works to market the solution to drive adoption.

PCI Compliance Team

Whether you require assistance with issues related to PCI compliance, QIRTM, self-assessment questionnaires (SAQ), or virtually any other payments/security-related topic, our dedicated PCI Compliance Team is here to assist.

Partner Support

Global Payments Integrated provides support continuously throughout the partnership, extending past implementation and launch to day-to-day operations.

Our Client Success Team

At Global Payments Integrated, our Client Success Team enhances the value of our partnerships through engagement, communication, and a constant focus on the best interests of our clients. We work with you to make payments a key part of your business success.

We call our approach to client success “CLIENTSF1RST,” and it’s a mindset across our entire organization - doing what is best for our clients becomes our guiding principle in every decision. CLIENTSF1RST is built on a foundation of support, outreach, consultation, compassion, and understanding.

Your client experience will be significantly enhanced - you'll feel it when you need support, have a question or desire to provide input. We strive to be an important business partner that helps drive the success of your business - much more than just a payments processor.

Below are just a few of the ways our Client Success team helps partner ISVs succeed:

  • Sales volume analysis
  • Insight on industry trends
  • Tips for fraud prevention
  • Strategies to reduce chargebacks
  • Interchange analysis and education
  • PCI compliance support
  • Advice on new and existing technologies

Through our CLIENTSF1RST approach, Global Payments Integrated truly provides a different type of service to our clients. Both reactive and proactive, our approach is focused on creating and delivering value in every interaction and taking a servant mentality that builds trust and drives positive outcomes.

24/7 Technical Support and Customer Support

We know ISVs are dedicated to success around the clock - and so are we. That’s why we provide knowledgeable sales, technical and customer support 24/7. With dedicated contact points for developer support, merchant support, and more, we’re to support every part of your business.

A Truly Unique Partnership

As you can clearly see, Global Payments Integrated is much more than a payment processor. We view our relationships with ISVs as true partnerships, and strive to help you be successful and grow your business.

To get started on the path to success with integrated payments, contact us today to discuss how a partnership with Global Payments Integrated can help your business succeed.