EMV Quick Chip and Early Card Insert Creates a Seamless Payment Transaction Experience

Have you found yourself waiting longer for your credit card to process now that you have an EMV chip credit card?  Or accidentally taking your credit card out of the machine too early? According to CreditCards.com, “more than 87 percent of credit card users reported being frustrated that chip cards were slower to process than those with magnetic stripes and 91 percent of debit card users expressed the same sentiment.” As payment technology rapidly changes, there is an expectation for quicker, more seamless user experiences. In the last few years, a majority of payment terminals have made the upgrade to Quick Chip and Early Insert technology to help satisfy the speed in which customers expect to have their payments processed. 

What is EMV Quick Chip & EMV Early Card Insert Technology?

Quick Chip is an EMV transaction process that allows a customer to remove their card early without waiting for the transaction response to be validated against the chip on the card. This is intended to speed up transaction times and create a better customer experience at checkout. With the EMV Early Card Insert capability, consumers can insert their card at any time before the transaction is initialized without waiting for the card insert prompt. This eliminates the potential of disrupting the initiation of the transaction, and combined with EMV Quick Chip, reduces confusion at checkout to provide a seamless transaction process.

According to a recent study from Visa, “Merchants who accept chip cards witnessed a 76 percent dip in card present (CP) counterfeit payment fraud since the U.S. payments industry began the shift to EMV chip.” With less fraud due to the EMV chip security and the speed of the Quick Chip upgrade, payment transactions are becoming both safer and more efficient.

Standard EMV vs. Quick Chip EMV Transactions

The difference between a regular EMV transaction and an EMV transaction with Quick Chip and Early Card Insert technology is the speed of the transaction. Without the advanced technology, a regular EMV transaction can take anywhere from 10-20 seconds, while a Quick Chip transaction can take as little as only 2 seconds. This helps your merchants to be able to process payments quicker, which will greatly improve profitability while simultaneously helping their customers’ satisfaction with a quick and efficient check out process.

Global Payments Integrated Provides EMV Quick Chip and EMV Early Card Insert Features

Global Payments Integrated remains focused on delivering best-in-class technology combined with industry-leading security for all of our ISV partners. In that vein, we are now pleased to announce the release of our EMV Quick Chip and EMV Early Card Insert features (currently only in the US). For more details on how to incorporate Global Payments Integrated's new EMV Quick Chip and EMV Early Card Insert features into your software solution, contact us today.

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