Enhance winery management software with integrated payments

The wine industry has unique needs. Wineries need to balance efficiencies between the vineyard, tasting room, their ecommerce store, and wine club memberships. 

A good winery management software addresses these needs. However, it should also integrate payment solutions to stay competitive in today's market. Here’s how integrated payments can enhance winery software. 

Provide automation solutions

Integrated payments can save time for wineries, eliminating manual data entry and helping wineries get paid faster. A good payments partner should offer the following solutions to help wineries operate efficiently.

Recurring payments

Recurring payment functionality is a requirement for wineries that offer wine club subscriptions, as they need to collect payments from members periodically. If a winery software company offers this as a feature, it’s one less vendor the winery has to work with. 

Additionally, when ISVs partner with Global Payments Integrated, they can take advantage of our unique payments ecosystem where we are the payment gateway, payment processor, acquirer, and in some cases, the card issuer. Through this system, resellers and other third parties cannot tack on a fee during the payment process, resulting in lower processing fees for the wineries.

Automatic card updating

When a club member’s card details expire or change, the last thing wineries want to do is to nudge their members to keep their credit cards updated on their platform. Doing so puts the burden on the customer, who may take additional time to get this task done, causing delayed payments. Other customers may find this a convenient excuse not to renew their subscription, causing the winery to lose revenue. 

Winery software companies have the opportunity to make it easier for wineries by integrating an automatic card updating solution, which updates expired cards daily and sends notifications when customer contact is required for canceled or closed accounts.

Pay by text

85% of Americans own a smartphone, and text messages have a 98% open rate. When winery software companies offer pay-by-text solutions, wineries have a chance to get paid faster. 

Partners who work with us can integrate our phone intelligence software, allowing wineries to send pay-by-link texts to customers. When customers click the link in the text, it leads to a secure website where they can enter their payment details and conveniently pay for their wine cases, reducing collection times.

Alternative financing

Getting timely installment payments can be challenging for wineries that do wholesale business. Winery management software can choose to streamline the process by integrating a buy now, pay later option when they work with a trusted payments partner.

Global Payments Integrated has an alternative financing product called Delay Pay*, powered by Tua, which gives customers access to installment payment options. ISVs that integrate this product can help wineries automate financing opportunities without looking into third-party solutions.

Give data-driven insights

Payments data is a unique data source that wineries can take advantage of. A trusted payments partner can aggregate transaction data from the point of sale for analytics such as total visits, sales volume, and average tickets during specific periods. They can also aggregate customer information such as age, gender, income, education level, and home ZIP code. 

Viewing transaction data and demographic data points give wineries a better understanding of how much their tasting rooms are bringing in and the profiles of their customers. Such information can help wineries make data-driven decisions around promotions, marketing strategies, and customer service approaches. 

Enable commerce

Integrated payments allow wineries to increase sales while winery software companies gain an additional revenue stream.

Winery ISVs should consider integrating the following payment features to enable commerce:

A variety of payment types: When a winery accepts different payment types, customers will find them more convenient, increasing their chances of more sales. A good mix of payment types includes credit and debit cards, in addition to contactless methods like QR codes and tap to pay.

Gift card solutions: Gift cards can help wineries engage customers and encourage repeat business. Additionally, it’s common for customers to spend above the card’s value during redemption, giving wineries more revenue.

Omnichannel payments: Customers want a cohesive, frictionless, seamless payment experience. Wineries wish to access transaction data across all touchpoints and channels while analyzing it all in one place. A trusted payments partner that offers omnichannel opportunities can deliver these experiences while promoting sales maximization.

Add value to winery software with payments

Global Payments Integrated offers a wealth of technical and business resources to help winery management software developers make the most of their payment integration. Contact our sales team today to discover the best payment solutions for your software.

*Global Payments Integrated is not a consumer lending company. Delay Pay is powered by Tua, a consumer financing solution that pays merchants upfront and allows consumers to pay over time.

Michelle Mondonedo

Brand Marketing Manager

Michelle Mondonedo is a Brand Marketing Manager at Global Payments Integrated, a Global Payments company. Before joining the payments industry, she worked in ecommerce, local search, and wealth management. A graduate of New York University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, she enjoys cooking in her spare time. 

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