Decline Minimizer by the Numbers

Decline Minimizer is the automated card updating service from Global Payments Integrated. We like data, so here are a few facts about Decline Minimizer…

2 Million +
That’s how many cards the service has updated since inception. It occurs behind the scenes. Each time Decline Minimizer updates a card, that’s one fewer decline that business has to track down.

$150 million +
That’s the total value of transactions that occurred unhindered and, without Decline Minimizer, would have been otherwise declined.

That’s the average monthly cash flow impact for businesses using Decline Minimizer. Fewer declined cards means more approved transactions, less time trying to track down new credit card information, and a tangible benefit for operations.

Decline Minimizer keeps operations humming, automatically updating expired and outdated card information daily. Merchants won’t wait days for updated information and customer security won’t be at risk as businesses send data files and compile lists of updated cards. Decline Minimizer works in your business management software, behind the scenes. The updating process is automatic, as are the benefits to businesses – fewer card declines and more approvals.

Decline Minimizer helps businesses maximize revenues by decreasing card declines when accepting repeat and recurring transactions.