Why onboarding and recruiting software is essential for your clients

When a business owner needs help, hiring the right person makes all the difference in the world. A great new hire goes beyond ticking off job posting boxes — they boost morale, solve problems and give customers the extra TLC they deserve.

But we don’t always address how much work goes into talent acquisition. If your clients have added enough headcount, they’ve likely experienced both ends of the job market spectrum: sorting through an avalanche of crummy applications and competing fiercely for the best hires in a sparse talent pool.

When business owners are doing it all on their own — reading resumes, scheduling interviews, running background checks and coordinating onboarding — either scenario cuts into the time they need to make sound strategic decisions for their companies.

No one can control market conditions. But the right software solution or applicant tracking system makes it simple and efficient for businesses to snag quality workers and get them on the floor, behind the register or otherwise equipped to work faster than ever before.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how modern software can help your clients do just that.

Read on to learn:

  • What recruiting software does
  • What onboarding software does
  • How they positively impact hiring
  • How to streamline processes and maximize efficiency
  • How to find the right software for your clients
Happy client reviews their job posts online

What is recruiting and onboarding software?

Begin with the recruiting process

“Recruiting software” describes any technology that helps business owners, managers or HR professionals complete the tasks necessary to find the right new employee for an open position. These may include things like:

  • Sourcing potential candidates for job postings
  • Presenting job expectations, duties and training to potential hires via job boards
  • Screening candidate resumes and job applications
  • Hosting dialogue between a hiring team and candidates
  • Tracking, organizing and updating candidate statuses
  • Sending out personalized job offers
Business owner discusses onboarding process with a new hire

End with digital onboarding

After recruiting software serves its purpose, employee onboarding software streamlines new hire training, instructional procedures and paperwork.

Like recruiting software, onboarding software helps businesses transition qualified candidates into new hires. Specifically, these tasks can include:

  • Scheduling or listing remaining training tasks
  • Collecting and securely storing employee information
  • Staying up-to-date on updated legal requirements for new employees
  • Offering reference materials as employees complete training tasks and paperwork
  • Gathering necessary employee tax forms for payroll
  • Running any additional government verifications
  • Distributing the employee handbook and company values
Group of employees enthusiastically welcome a new hire

How does this software benefit my clients?

Build a better candidate experience

First impressions stick. The hiring and onboarding experience is a new employee’s first impression of your client’s company, and striving to make it a good one is well worth it for their bottom line.

According to research from Zippia, it costs a little over $1,500 on average to onboard a new hire. That’s not a chunk of change you want to waste. When onboarding next steps are unclear, new hires may feel forgotten about and frustrated, upping the chances they’ll get cold feet, opt out of the job and leave your client to start the process all over again.

According to Zippia, organizations with strong onboarding processes increase new hire retention by 82%.

By contrast, studies consistently show increased productivity and employee engagement when new hires feel welcomed, informed about the business’ values and confident they can contribute to the team.

While your clients may have shared some of their company’s history, values and objectives during the hiring process, onboarding is the perfect time to pick up where they left off.

Ways your clients can share company values and vision

  • Company handbook
  • Employee stories
  • Customer testimonials
  • Awards or other milestones

Distributing these materials is certainly possible outside of software. But it’s often messy, manual and therefore prone to human error. Sending out materials using a smart solution only takes a few clicks before your clients are on their way.

HR manager selects files to include in digital onboarding process

Unify employee information for better business decisions

Using an all-in-one solution makes accessing candidate and new hire information simple and efficient. With all data securely stored in one place, hiring managers and HR members can reference information and stay in touch on upcoming tasks. Having everything accessible from one platform means no one on your client’s hiring committee is left behind, so everyone can collaborate and share their thoughts with no impediments.

These programs also have valuable reporting capabilities. HR teams can review metrics on how long different steps take, recognize hurdles and make changes on the fly. No more sifting through boxes and boxes of employee papers and worrying about losing files, securing data or missing key info to make decisions. These programs keep data secure, accessible and user-friendly so your clients’ teams don’t waste time playing catch-up.

Automate processes to save labor and reduce errors

Manually researching what paperwork is necessary, administering it, collecting it, inputting the data and securely storing it takes up countless hours and somehow manages to be repetitive and overwhelming. After hours of tedious manual data entry, it’s no wonder human errors — like missing information or typos — often occur. They may seem small in the moment, but they end up costing your clients in the long run.

Recruiting and onboarding software makes automating paperwork and processes easy.

Instead of having to personally manage onboarding, your clients can let technology initiate paperwork retrieval and other tasks in the background of their business. This leaves business owners free to focus on true leadership decisions instead of managing the daily grind. When new legal requirements arise, great HR tech keeps them ahead of the game with information on what’s changing and what businesses need to do about it.

Staff members review data in their recruiting software

Plan for a brighter future

Recruiting and onboarding set the tone for your customers’ workforce. If done poorly, it also hits their pocketbook. A disorganized hiring and training process can cost them valuable labor, mental stress and potentially employee retention.

Finding the right candidates and getting them through necessary interview assessments and into an onboarding workflow takes time, planning and no small amount of care. Modern software can significantly lighten the load.

Introducing your clients to the kind of technology that helps them hire, train and retain quality employees without the back-office grind is a simple way to invest in their success.

We’re here to help with a secure payroll and HR solution that almost sells itself. Global Payments Integrated is working with Heartland, another Global Payments company, to bring you Payroll+.

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  • HR support and compliance
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Peggy McDonald

Senior Copywriter

A senior copywriter at Heartland, a Global Payments company, Peggy has spent the majority of her career in the tech space. With specific expertise in payroll, payments and point of sale technologies, she shares data and tells stories to help entrepreneurs, enterprises and every business in between make decisions with confidence.