Customer Engagement Suite Uses Data to Enhance Business

Help your customers enhance their business, driving engagement and commerce with their customers while improving the customer experience with the power of data. Businesses have a wealth of analytics and data that can be used to drive more informed decisions. Customer Engagement Suite from Global Payments Integrated easily enables businesses to provide a frictionless experience making payments, modernizing the way people pay and get paid. Customer Engagement Suite increases engagement, enhances the customer experience and enables businesses to drive commerce.

Customer Engagement Suite Portfolio of Products

Customer Engagement Suite is a portfolio of products designed to create and automate new interactions along the customer journey, providing opportunity for payment at each touchpoint.

Analytics and Reputation Management

Analytics and Reputation Management is a web-based application that delivers intelligent data to provide deep visibility into:

  • Social reputation
  • Customer demographics
  • Marketing reach
  • Competitors

It helps businesses to:

  • Engage customers
  • Drive return visits
  • Manage online reviews and reputation

Innovative Phone & Text Communication

Our Innovative Phone & Text Communication product provides enhanced communication solutions to enrich customer relationships. Providing a new dimension to customer communications, this product delivers relevant customer information and leverages text messaging capabilities.

  • Enabling a business to know customer details – BEFORE answering a call
  • Facilitating easy sending of appointment reminders and marketing messages via text
  • Building customer loyalty by encouraging customers to leave online reviews

Make Touchless Easy

Make touchless easy with our automated resource designed to get businesses paid. Over 80% of Americans use text messaging, and this product allows customers to pay using electronic methods via a text. (Alternatively, they can also send an email notification.) Businesses can send outstanding balances anytime or use systematic statement deployment. This product eliminates the need to manually retrieve balances or embed payment links.

What does this mean for your customers?

  • More payments collected in less time
  • Improved customer experience and loyalty
  • Reduced administrative tasks with automated communications

Streamlined Check-In

Streamlined Check-In enables an easy and touchless self check-in via QR code to provide peace of mind and convenience to customers while also saving time for businesses. Upon arrival, customers can self-check-in either via a QR code or an “I’m Here” button sent to their mobile phone before their appointment. If additional information is required at check-in, that request is automatically sent upon the scan of the QR code, or customers can also receive specific instructions on next steps.

Online Appointment Booking and Deposits

Scheduling appointments can be very time consuming for both businesses and customers. With Online Appointment Booking, businesses can increase appointment scheduling while also reducing no shows and modernizing how customers interact with them, without taking staff away from other critical duties. This product provides online interactive scheduling at the customer’s convenience, and allowing your customers to:

  • Streamline operational processes to save time and money
  • Reduce no shows and increase cash flow by requiring deposits
  • Provide an enhanced customer experience for improved customer loyalty 

Online Forms Management

No one wants to spend time with a pen, paper and clipboard laboriously filling out paper forms. Not only is it inconvenient for customers, but also expensive and inefficient for businesses to collect and input data from paper-based forms. In addition, paper forms also cause additional problems with delaying customer check-in and data entry errors.

Online Forms Management works like this: Businesses send a link via text or email for customers to complete forms at their convenience. (Forms can also be provided at time of appointment scheduling, in conjunction with the Online Appointment Booking product.) Optionally, business can provide an option to complete forms electronically upon arrival at a designated device (in conjunction with Streamlined Check-In). Online forms are automatically submitted to the business software application and tied to the customer record.

Call Center

Call Center is software designed for business groups that want to centralize inbound and/or outbound call activity, and offers the following features:

Inbound Calls:

  • Find specific services/providers based on geography and/or provided services.
  • Book appointments or update customer demographics, or just provide info to customers.

Outbound Call/Campaign Support:

  • Call Customers to update demographics, secure appointments for recommended services, etc.

Benefits to ISVs

ISVs can benefit in many ways from adding Customer Engagement Suite to their software solution.

  • Redirect and optimize software development investments
  • Increase revenue sharing opportunities
  • Leverage data across the entire ecosystem
  • Use of card on file for different communication channels
  • Use email/phone captured during earlier phases
  • Avoid multiple entry and unsynchronized data
  • Provide customers with a consistent omnichannel experience

Benefits to Your Customers

Customer Engagement Suite provides numerous benefits to your customers as well.

  • Help drive more customers in the door
  • Give businesses technology-driven tools to more effectively run their operations
  • Enable businesses with process improvements that deliver efficiency and value to enhance the customer experience
  • Increase communication for better retention
  • Allow customers to pay at every interaction point


Businesses often have to cobble together customer engagement and analytics tools from multiple vendors. By including payment processing functionality and Customer Engagement Suite in your software solution, you become a one-stop-shop for your customers, thus increasing adoption of your solution while providing additional revenue streams to your solution. To learn more about including Customer Engagement Suite in your software solution, contact us today.