The Benefits of Integrated Payments

Editor’s Note: This blog entry was originally published on January 10, 2019, and was updated on February 15, 2023.

Most merchants are in business because they are passionate about a product or service, and because they are interested in making money. And as an ISV, one of the most important decisions your merchants make is accepting credit cards.

For ISVs and merchants alike, the most effective way to create a seamless user experience at checkout is to take advantage of integrated payments.

Read on to learn what integrated payments are, how they work, and the partnership-based benefits of a solid integrated payments system. 

What are integrated payments?

Integrated payments allow the manual, time-consuming accounting process and the payment process to seamlessly work together. By automating payment acceptance, an integrated payment solution allows your merchants to accept credit card payments directly within their existing software. This saves time and eliminates human errors from data entry.

Partner-based benefits of integrated payments

A partnership between Global Payments Integrated and your business management software offers a myriad of benefits. Let’s look at some of the key partnership-based benefits that deliver additional value to an integrated payment solution.

A true understanding of your business

ISVs choose their preferred payment processing partner for several important reasons. More than likely, at the top of that list, is the vertical market expertise demonstrated by the payments provider.

Chances are the customer support rep you talk to at Global Payments Integrated already understands your business management software, making problem resolution much easier if ever required.

Many of the key features of our payment processing platform were developed in association with our partners. Our partners regularly work with us to ensure our solutions meet the unique needs of their markets and their customers.

A shared desire to keep you happy

A small business using our payments solution is not only our client but a client of our partner ISV as well. Neither provider wants to jeopardize a successful and productive partnership by providing poor service to their client. Many of our partners regularly review support metrics related to their merchant customers to ensure they’re receiving Service Level Agreement support.

Lighten up your contact list

The number of providers and suppliers a business needs to track is voluminous, to say the least.

Integrating a full-featured payments provider such as Global Payments Integrated into your software solution provides you not only with the ability to provide payment processing for your merchants but also the ability to offer them additional Customer Engagement tools all through one single provider.

Need help with understanding a payments regulation? You can call us. Need help with PCI compliance, such as the best practices for storing credit card numbers? That’s us too. Having an issue with a Global-Payments-Integrated-provided hardware device? Yep - you can call us there too.

Stronger payment data security

To succeed, software providers need to help their merchants to be prepared for the many obstacles they can face. When it comes to electronic payment acceptance, security is one of the challenges that is best faced upfront to avoid even greater obstacles down the road. And it’s a feature that integrated payments providers take seriously.

Payment security boils down to the protection of personal data both in transit and at the point of sale. Credit card numbers, bank account information and personal identities are some of the elements that can become compromised in a data breach. That payment information is highly sensitive, and consumers are aware of existing threats. Because of this, merchant services - especially those in ecommerce and specialty markets - must take measures to ensure data isn’t vulnerable and customers are put at ease.

While any business that accepts electronic payments is a possible target, those in industries gathering a large amount of personally identifiable information require a hardened security environment. Knowing that merchants in certain industries need extra data security - and being able to provide it through a proven payment gateway - allows for a payments solution company like Global Payments Integrated to provide the needed security solutions. And through integration, the opportunities for that secure data to be compromised are lessened, as virtually all payments data is utilized within one secure software platform.

How is this type of security ensured? Tokenization is one tool and it ensures that sensitive data elements are substituted with non-sensitive equivalents that have no exploitable value. Tokenization is an important part of an overall security solution that merchants should have in place to minimize or mitigate potential breach threats.

Missteps made during the assessment or set up of your merchants’ credit card processing accounts can lead to costly errors down the road. Put simply, data breaches can cause reputation damage that can put a merchant out of business. It’s important to partner with trusted and proven industry experts; experts not only in providing the needed payment processing tools, but experts that understand your business and your customers and uniqueness of both security needs.

Benefits of integrated payments infographic

The global payments integrated advantage

When you consider the above, it’s tough to beat the partnership you get when partnering with a secure payments provider like Global Payments Integrated providing a single, proven, efficient solution that covers all of your merchants’ integrated payment processing needs and more.

We offer payment solutions that provide integration with a massive global network, Global Payments, Inc., in addition to ongoing support and access.

Contact us today for more information on our integrated payment solutions.