2020 Payments Landscape Recap

2020 brought a lot of changes to every industry, and the payments industry was no exception. We’re recapping some of the highlights by revisiting ten of our top blog entries from throughout the year.

Use of contactless payments skyrocketed this year as customers sought out convenient and touch-free payment methods - we covered the different types, how they work, and how offering this functionality benefits independent software vendors (ISVs).

We provided valuable business tips and other information for ISVs, including ten factors they should consider when choosing a payments partner, as well as how integrated payment systems enhance an ISV’s value to their clients. We also shared tips on how to monetize payments through embedded commerce.

Global Payments Integrated prides ourselves on continually being an innovator in the integrated payments space, as well as looking to the future for ways to continue to help our ISV partners meet or exceed their business goals. To this end, we launched new solutions such as Customer Engagement Suite and Customer Statements, and our President Bob Cortopassi discussed digitization and the future of payments in a great interview with Tamara McCleary, CEO of Thulium.

Take a look below at ten of our blog entries covering important topics from this year.

Person holding credit card in one hand and smartphone in the other hand

Contactless Payments/NFC

One of the biggest changes in the payments landscape this year was the meteoric growth of contactless payments. Overall usage of contactless payments in the United States rose 150% between March 2019 and June 2020.

A Guide to Contactless Payments

Our guide to contactless payments discusses the different types of contactless payment methods such as digital wallets, contactless cards, and more. We also discuss the safety and benefits of contactless payments.

The Complete Guide to Near-Field Communication (NFC)

Near-field communication, or NFC, is the technology that powers many forms of contactless payments. This technology allows enabled devices that are near each other to wirelessly share data. We share how it works and the benefits of integrating this technology into the solutions ISVs offer.

What is the Difference between NFC and RFID?

Radio-frequency identification, or RFID, is a technology that uses radio waves to relay identifying information from an electronic tag placed on an object to an electronic reader. NFC technology evolved from radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, and is more fine-tuned. In this piece, we share insight into both types of technology and how they affect the world of payments.

Business Tips for ISVs

Implementing an integrated payments system is a big decision for an ISV. To help, we shared what ISVs should look for in a payments partner and an integrated payment solution, as well as other tips to help ISVs increase their revenue growth.

The Latest on Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

By implementing integrated payments, software providers have the opportunity to not only earn a larger share of new business accounts, but to add a new revenue source in the process. Learn about different partner models for ISVs and factors ISVs consider important when choosing their payment solution.

Ten Factors for ISVs Choosing a Payments Partner

ISVs know how important it is to have a good integrated payment processing partner. A good partner provides so much more than just payment processing. But how do you find the perfect partner? Here are ten factors ISVs should consider when choosing a payments partner.

How Integrated Payment Systems Enhance ISV Value to Clients

Integrated payment systems help ISVs help their customers streamline payment processing, reduce friction, automate business administration and enhance the customer experience. Learn why all those reasons are key to why integrated payment systems should be table stakes in any software solution.

Monetizing Payments through Embedded Commerce

Embedded commerce is a way to enhance your platform with commerce - monetizing payments revenue and providing frictionless experiences for your customers, making it easier for your merchants to get paid. We share how embedded commerce can benefit ISVs and their merchants.

Payment Innovation from Global Payments Integrated

Global Payments Integrated is driving payments innovation in software applications - supporting the quickly changing ways payments are processed while delivering industry-standard technical and customer support. Here are details on a few of our new solutions this year, as well as some insights on what our company's President, Bob Cortopassi, sees in store for the future of payments.

Customer Engagement Suite Uses Data to Enhance Business

This year, we launched Customer Engagement Suite, a tool that easily enables businesses to provide a frictionless experience making payments, modernizing the way people pay and get paid. Customer Engagement Suite increases engagement, enhances the customer experience and enables businesses to drive commerce.

Customer Statements Helps Get Your Merchants Paid

As part of our Customer Engagement Suite, we launched Customer Statements, a fully automated statement communication tool designed to get merchants paid. Businesses can use this tool to minimize contact with their customers by requesting payments via a simple text or email link.

Bob Cortopassi on Digitization and the Future of Payments

While 2020 was a year of changes in the payments industry, we expect to see even more innovation in payments technology in the future. In this interview with Thulium CEO Tamara McCleary, Global Payments Integrated President Bob Cortopassi shared insights about recent changes in the payments landscape, as well as what’s in store for the future of payments.

Looking Forward

Everyone at Global Payments Integrated would like to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Enjoy the holidays with family and friends, and we will be back in 2021 to continue keeping you updated on the latest in integrated payments.