Payment integration questions ISVs should be asking

Choosing to integrate payments is a major decision for ISVs. Here are some specific questions they can ask when interviewing potential payment processors.

1. Are you just a payment processor, or more?

It’s good to understand a payment processor’s business model and how it can help an ISV achieve its goals. What differentiates them from others? If they offer additional features, how can they enhance the ISV’s software solution?

For example, Global Payments Integrated gives ISVs access to our unique payments ecosystem where we take on other roles in addition to being a payment processor. We are also a payment gateway, acquirer, and in some cases, the card issuer. Did you know we issue over 80% of all cards in North America?

We also understand the importance of enabling commerce for SMBs. When ISVs work with our integration team, they can explore integrating value-added products and services such as our commerce enablement suite - proving that we are more than just a payments company.

2. What kind of support do you offer before, during, and after integration?

Some companies simply provide a payments API and a platform to integrate payments. But when an issue arises during integration, or a merchant has a challenging payment-related question, there isn’t anyone available that ISVs can turn to - leaving them in a vulnerable position. 

With Global Payments Integrated, we are a true partnership in that we provide partner resources and support during all aspects of our payment integration. Examples include dedicated integration specialists that assist your developers, an in-house PCI compliance services team, user experience coaching, and a partner launch team for go-to-market planning. 

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3. Do you support new payment methods?

Staying on top of payments trends is an excellent way for ISVs to differentiate themselves from their competitors. More customers are embracing digital payment methods such as text to pay, digital wallet options, and QR codes. Touchless card payment methods such as tap to pay and card-on-file are also gaining popularity.

Offering various contactless payment methods is beneficial for ISVs as they provide payment security, efficiency, and versatility to their customers.

Learn more about the payment functionalities we offer.

4. How is PCI compliance handled?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards developed by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). The PCI-DSS lists the minimum security standards to meet to limit the chances of a data breach. Therefore, ISVs need to prioritize PCI compliance for their integrated payments solution.

A trustworthy payment partner will understand what’s required to be compliant and will walk ISVs through the process. Here are some additional questions ISVs can ask about payment security.

5. How can you help us with fraud protection?

It’s exciting to see the world become more comfortable with making digital and online payments. However, an unfortunate side effect is cybercriminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities in payment systems for fraudulent purposes. 

A payments processor should offer security services that protect credit card data, prevent counterfeit fraud, and enhance payments security. Encryption, tokenization, and EMV® are some of the solutions they can offer to help keep payment fraud under control. 

Learn more about our security and anti-fraud solutions.

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6. What kind of analytics and reporting do you provide?

ISVs that cater to data-driven organizations know how important it is to offer reporting functionalities. Providing access to payments data is one way they can differentiate their offering.

Every payment transaction generates data. When viewing this data in aggregate, it can be a treasure trove of knowledge for companies. Examples include total visits, sales volume, and average ticket sizes during specific times, giving businesses a better understanding of their busiest and most profitable days of the week.

Global Payments Integrated offers Analytics and Reputation Management tools that leverage payment data to produce valuable insights.

7. How can you support our business growth?

ISVs want to ensure that integrating payments will bring business growth in the future.

What differentiates a Global Payments Integrated integration from the rest is that we believe in maintaining a true partnership with every ISV we work with. Once your integration is complete, we provide the following support:

  • Partner launch team, which offers go-to-market planning
  • Relationship management and customer success
  • Migration and conversion resources

Additionally, our commerce-enabled solutions add value to your software, giving you the opportunity to monetize your payment offering through our revenue-sharing opportunities.

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8. What does your customer support look like?

When payments aren’t an ISV’s primary expertise, a good payment processor should offer additional services to assist them and their customers should any issues arise during the life of the integration.

A servant mentality characterizes our client success team’s work; they aim to be proactive, collaborate, consult, and advocate for customers. Their goal is to be accessible to customers and create value for them.
We call this approach “CLIENTSF1RST”, and we are proud to make it a mindset across our entire organization.

9. How can you improve the payment experience for our customers?

The payment experience should be more than just functional - it should also aim to enable commerce for ISV customers.

Our client success team strives to offer differentiated experiences for merchants by accomplishing tasks that help retain and grow their business. They are committed to being a first responder to any operational issues, proactively communicating to merchants when problems arise, and leading consultative discussions for new products and services.

Additionally, because we are also the payment gateway and the acquirer, this results in lower fees as ISVs would not have to deal with costs from resellers of third-party acquirers. 

10. What can our customers expect during their onboarding experience?

Once the payment integration is complete, merchants should be able to get proper onboarding support to begin accepting payments without a hitch. 

Our client onboarding team focuses on building strong client relationships when creating and implementing merchant accounts, allowing merchants to get started quickly and grow their business in the process.

A typical onboarding experience at Global Payments Integrated starts with creating merchant accounts and rapid activation. Then, our specialists schedule an implementation where they install hardware, ensure the merchants can start processing, and provide training.

Your partner in payments 

Global Payments Integrated is about maintaining a true partnership with every ISV we work with. We do this by listening to our partners, solving problems, and growing revenues together. Contact our sales team to see how we can be your partner in payments. 

EMV® is a registered trademark or trademark of EMVCo LLC in the United States and other countries.

Michelle Mondonedo

Brand Marketing Manager

Michelle Mondonedo is a Brand Marketing Manager at Global Payments Integrated, a Global Payments company. Before joining the payments industry, she worked in ecommerce, local search, and wealth management. A graduate of New York University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, she enjoys cooking in her spare time. 

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